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Abstract representation of infinity from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything; click to view/buy the hard cover book

Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Hard cover books with dust jackets.

Book People
Please read.
a visual statement on aging
we're all part of the pattern, people
first and second impressions
a show all, tell nothing expose of my personal relationships with specific trees...I name no names
a thought sandwich...



Books available in soft cover and pdf format

Solo Solis

William Solis has an unflagging creative spirit which evolves into unique perspectives on the world with every new idea that comes into his head. He is comfortable in so many mediums that his art is always fresh and meaningful, never repetitive, never boring. His is the art of the heart and the soul, lessons learned from life, trial and error.


Solo Solis Cover
Everything IS

a visual, intellectual and spiritual journey into the infinite connections in our realities, forging bridges between science, art, philosophy, religion, math, history, fashion, evolution and ants.



Everything IS Book Cover

Emerging Grace

the first group art book published by Grace; artists included are Sarah Curtiss, William Solis and Jerry Frost



 Emerging Grace

Potheads, Fruits and Nuts

A thought sandwich from San Francisco, filled appropriately with a tart compote of fruit and art.


Potheads Fruits and Nuts Book Cover


Thought Sandwiches: My first thought sandwich grew out of a desire to express complex ideas with simple thoughts and beautiful images. My first flower book grew too large for its container and was transplanted into two books.

A bird and a bee, lot's of flowers and a tree

This is a simple book. It contains one thought at the beginning and one thought at the end...a thought sandwich. The rest is, as promised, a book of flowers, with a tree, one bird and one bee.


Flower book 1 cover with closeup of iceplant

Ruby Begonia

Infinite diversity blossoms in a Potrero Hill Community Garden. My thoughts get deeper but somewhat less coherent.


Ruby Begonia Flower Book Cover


During this process I began looking deeply into the hearts of the flowers and out bloomed my erotic journey to the center of the flower. While still on that path, I began to see abstract possibilities in the centers of the flowers and thus the Flower Abstracted unfurled. I am currently drawing the scenes I see in the abstract images. In drawing these scenes, I now imagine 30 inch square paintings of the mythical landscapes and creatures that populate these drawings. I see no end to this process.

Journey to the Center of the Flower

This is an erotic journey into the very center of the flower, each page a lingering kiss onto the other....


Journey to the Center of the Flower Book Cover
The Flower Abstracted

Abstract possibilities revealed themselves as I stared at the flowers. Abstraction is so often an outcome of the closer look.


The Flower Abstracted Book Cover

Jerry Frost

Over 40 full color reproductions, representing many different series from Frost's career as an oil painter. Some of the originals are available for sale.


Jerry Frost Cover

Nickel and Dime Checkerboards

the 21st Century Twist on Checkers



  Nickel and Dime Checker Boards Book

Skaters Rule

A 2009 Calendar of Inline Skater Art

preview calendar

Skaters Rule Calendar
Climb the Clouds

A book for dreams and meditation.

There's not a thought in my head in this book...just clouds and clouds and...over 100 pages of clouds...


Climb the Clouds front cover



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